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Re: profile

Wayne wrote:

Wayne wrote:

> Just to get to the bottom of this I am ordering a
> phosphate test kit with the Fluorite (well actually I am going to go
> with Onyx sand) I can choose between the Seachem or the Salifert. Does
> anyone have an opinion on which one is the better one?

I'm not about to categorically deny that phosphate is the problem, especially 
since I've never used Profile.  But, if the problem is caused by phosphate 
then you won't need to worry much about the quality of the test kit.  The 
phosphate levels would need to be very high.  They should peg the scale on 
any test kit I've ever heard of.

I like Onyx, but recall that Onyx sand tends to increase the buffer capacity. 
 If that isn't what you want then you may be trading one problem for another.

Roger Miller