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re: Profile

Wayne Jones wrote:

> Someone has informed me that there is an article in sunken gardens
> magazine that says that Profile may contain large amounts of Phosphate
> depending on where it is mined. This probably explains the strange pH
> readings. I give up on this stuff. No amount of washing makes the pH
> normal. How much Fluorite is required for a 20 gallon tank?

It seems unlikely to me that phosphate would cause the problems you observed, 
but then I don't know what would cause those problems so I suppose that one 
guess is as good as another.

Per manufacturer's recommendations, you would probably want two bags of 
flourite in a 20 gallon tank.   I think that makes a fairly shallow 
substrate.  You might want to pump it up a little with a layer of gravel over 
or under the Flourite, depending on what you want to be most visible.

Roger Miller
In Albuquerque; 60 degrees in early morning with crystal clear skies and 
skattered hot air ballons.