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Re: Pomacea bridgesi = golden mystery snail

Sorry about the previous message, I hit the wrong key.

Pomacea bridgesi work well for me. I breed them in planted tanks. I should
clarify again that you can't go by shell color. I have mahogany, blue,
white, yellow, albino and all combinations of those. Many of the other apple
snail varieties have the same colors. The Pomacea bridgesi shell should form
a 90 deg angle to the main body.

If they are eating your plants, then I don't believe they are true Pomacea
bridgesi. Of course I could be wrong. I have literally dozens of these
snails and they simply don't eat the plants. I do feed them algae wafers
however. I have seen them half-heartedly munch on decaying plants, but never
with much enthusiasm and never on robust healthy plants. About the only time
that I complain is when I newly plant dwarf sag's and the snails uproot them
as they crawl about looking for uneaten fish food.

Have you actually seen the snails eating the plants? When I was first
experimenting with snails, I remember watching a giant columbian ramshorn
snail devour an anubia leaf in one sitting. It would grab the leaf with it's
mouth, tear and chew. It was quite a sight.
Augustine Rodriguez
Rice Lake, WI USA

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> I looked at this web site and unless I am mistaken that is exactly the
> snails I put in my tank.  these guys ate through the stems of my plants and
> huge holes in the leaves.
> Maybe mine were extra hungry but I don't think I would try these again.  So
> you say they work well for you?
> Terry