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RE: Feeding my critters

> Another question. 3 weeks ago I bought 20 Yamato shrimps.
> Their numbers
> diminished by the weeks. Right now I only see about 5 of them around.
> Although I have some algae growing in my tank, they don't
> seem to the kind
> critters like to eat.(The green spot type) The shrimps seems
> starved. The
> weakened ones are often attacked and eaten by my tetras and
> mollies. I want
> to feed my critters well so they won't kill one another when
> hungry. Are
> there any kinds of critter food available?
I feed my algae eaters (Amano's Ottos, SAEs) a couple algae wafers every
couple of days.  I do this at lights out, so they feel more protected.  Also
a cucumber or zucchini slice attached to a rock with a rubber band is
relished. Amanos seem to eat everything, so I'd be surprised if healthy ones
couldn't get enough to eat.

Joe K. in Maryland