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RE: MTS Snails - won't stay in tank

> Quick question:
> I have had 2 tanks and I can't keep MTS snails around.
> time, but they just won't take hold.  Any ideas?  Lack of
> food?  Chemistry?
MTS don't seem to flourish in my tank either.  Typical? plant tank as well.
KH = GH = 5 degrees, pH = 6.8 with CO2 on a controller.  Shells of dead
snails dissolve in a couple of weeks under these conditions -- maybe not so
great for live ones either?  i.e. low GH and acidic pH not good.  One thing
I did notice -- when I would put the snails in the canister filter back into
the tank... the Amano shrimp and the SAE would eat the smallest ones.  If
the shrimp could pick up the snail, it was a goner.

Joe K