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re: Phosphates off the scale

I would like to thank everyone for the helpful responses to my tank problems. 

Ed D. asked me to check my levels and report back.
they are as follows:
ph 7 (apparently the co2 has effectively lowered the ph of my tap water from 8)
GH 80
KH 60
Phosphate above 5.0
NO2 no trace
NO3 no trace
Ca 140
Fe no trace.
lighting is approx 2.4 watts/gal
co2 1 bubble/ sec.

my fast growing plants are covered w/ algae but they are still growing.i have a large piece of driftwood w/ java ferns in the middle of the tank. how should i test the driftwood for leeching phosphates? i will be changing the filter media from charcoal to some other productand continue daily 30% water changes. the fish food (blood worms) has a phosphate level of under 1%. i quess it is ok. if anyone has any other ideas please respond. 
ken shaffer - atlanta

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