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Re: Trying to get my CO2 right

> From: "Wah" <tswah at mbox3_singnet.com.sg>
> Subject: Trying to get my CO2 right
> OK, I managed to save enough for some test kits.
> Right now, I want to get my CO2 levels really CORRECT and IDEAL as mentioned
> in the pH against KH against CO2 charts in Aquabotanic weekly newsletter.
> Do I just need the pH, KH and CO2 test kits? Or are there anymore test kits
> to get? I don't want to spend on the wrong stuff. All advice is appreciated!

	Get pH and KH, forget the CO2 one.  I don't think that that
measurement will ever be much good.  (I've explained why before.)
Even the pH measurement must be quick, if a sample is taken from the 
aquarium, because the CO2 leaves the solution and the pH changes.
A pH probe _in_ the aquarium is much better.

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada