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white growth

I'm definetly limited by something and I can't figure it out. It finally 
started showing signs in new growth. Lots of holes in leaves, and fast 
growing stem plants new growth is white

125 gallon
pressurized co2
ph 6.6-6.7
kh 3.5-4.0
gh 6
n03 20  
po4 .7
k 25
I was adding 25ml tmg 3x week. This tank isn't using nitrate at all and is 
NOT over stocked. there isn't much algae anymore since I got the c02 right! 
dont't believe your ph probe! but any way now that the co2 is right and the 
algae is gone I have serious deficiency. What causes white growth and holes 
in leaves? If you need any info that I didn't add please let me know

jeff Vamos
cessnabum1 at aol_com