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Re: algae on micro sword....

Travis, is it a dull blue/grey and sorta furry?  I ask because that is
what I have growing on my older micro chain sword leaves.  Nothing seems
to touch it much, not ottos, SAEs, or shrimp.  Once my CO2 reactor
arrives, if it ever does, I've been planning on partly ripping some of the
older stuff out and replanting the infested sections.


: Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 15:23:40 -0400
: From: "Kinney, Travis" <kinney at pdtarchs_com>
: Subject: algae on micro sword.....
: Can someone help me identify it? Contact me and I will send you a digital
: close-up of it. Micro Sword is growing fine but doesn't look to pretty with
: this stuff growing on it. Snails don't seem to touch it. Maybe an otto cat
: might?