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Re: ozelot sword bloomozelot sword bloom

>>Also, yesterday I suddenly noticed something strange about my ozelot
Growing from it is a long, tubular shoot that appears to be a bloom.  I was
not aware these plants bloomed, is this what is going on?  Whatever it is,
it is growing quite rapidly (3/4"/day) and is now nearing the surface.<<

What you've got there is a shoot that'll produce baby plants. When I had my
ozelot in a small, 15g, tank, I had 4 of these shoots growing
simultaneously. Each reached 3-4' in length and had about 6 babies per
shoot. In a small tank, these shoots left the water and produced small white
flowers that resembled apple blossoms. The blossoms grow from the same node
as the babies. Since I moved that sword to a 75g tank, I get far fewer
shoots and the ones I do get seldom rise above the water.

I let the babies get pretty big (5-6 leaves about 2" in length) before I
pinched them off and then I floated them in a holding tank until they
produced decent root systems. if any of your LFS are like those around me,
they'll be happy to take these off your hands once they're a decent size.