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Re: new folks using higher light

> So you mean my 2wpg tank is NOT considered low light? Awesome!

Low light is under that, perhaps 1.5w/gal or less. I grew some nice plants
at less than one watt(pennywort, pearl grass, crypts etc but it was a PC
light) a gallon recently(54 w on a 60 gallon).

> Now I know my 
> a. reinekii isn't melting due to lack of light, but rather because I'm doing
> something wrong. Boy what a relief!
 This plant will grow quite nicely at 2 watts a gallon. Make sure the tank
is trimmed well and that the plants have enough room and are not crowded or

Ponder this question:

If you have nutritional problems at 2w/gallon what do think your nutritional
problems will be when you even more light? Uptake will be even faster and
you will need add even more nutrients(both CO2 and nutrients). Something to

Tom Barr