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Re: New folks are using lots of light

Tom Barr writes:
> Some folks saw this as a bad issue. More pruning, addition of nutrients but
> many saw it as the "Cadillac" of lighting, more is better, bigger is better,
> the American plant tank was born. "You need lots of light to grow this or
> that plant" etc was(is still) common advice. But to keep up with this high
> paced growth from this light we needed new methods to address the narrowing
> range of parameters needed for good growth.

On my 75G there are two 55W AH Supply units with 2 ganged bottles of DIY CO2
injected into a powerhead/sponge setup, with a small powerhead on the
opposite side of the tank for additional circulation. The plants have *more*
than enough to be happy, growing AND pearling.

After prowling the archives of the APD, I removed an outside powerfilter in
favor of submerged powerheads. The Hygro sp. acts like kudzu (it completely
hides an AquaClear 500 sponge/powerhead!). The crypts are engaged in
marathons across the tank floor. The Najas sp. that I thought I'd lost has
mysteriously re-appeared. The best part is that this tank is, finally,
mostly free of algae! Free enough of algae that what is there isn't
bothering me <g>

It can't be the light, it's only 1.46w/gallon and it is the same as it was
pre-powerhead days. I think it's the circulation that the archives of the
APD mentioned as a possible help for crypts. You can have all the light you
want, but if the nutrients aren't making it to the plants, the light is

Sometimes less IS more ;-)