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Re: New folks are using lots of light

Tom wrote:

DIY compounds this issue since CO2 production and rates can vary widely
among users. DIY and/or CO2 is often the Achilles Heel for most folks
all this light. Folks are easily sold on high light systems but any
of CO2 enrichment makes them complain about the cost and trying to find
around it.

I reply:

This is so true and kind of odd. The lighting system is what really
costs money in a planted tank. The yearly cost of electricity seems to
almost go unnoticed. It could actually be more economical to have the
minimum light necessary and invest in a presurized CO2 system. The
electrical savings might pay for the CO2 system and you will get trouble
free excellent plant growth.

I know a thing or two about yeast CO2 but I would never dream of using
the amount of light that some people use without also having a
pressurized system. In part I blame this on the watts per gallon "rule"
Sometimes people just don't realize how much light they have when they
put in a high efficiency fixture that produces 3 or 4 watts per gallon.
With a low efficiency fixture, 4 watts per gallon could be actually not
a whole lot more light than the minimum necessary. With a high efficency
fixture it would be suicide without pressurized CO2.