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Re: Mystery Snails

Ever wonder why they are called "mystery snails"? Its because most LFS's
don't have a clue about what they are selling. Some will eat plants, others
will not. The colors of the shell don't matter.

The key to proper identification of "mystery snails" (also referred to as
apple snails) is the shell shape. Refer to this site:


The Pomacea bridgesi is the snail you should look for. These snails will not
harm your plants, come in all sorts of colors, are truly fascinating to
watch, and lay their eggs above the water line, so you can control
population growth. Oh yes... they also love algae:-)

They grow quickly, can live for 2 years and grow to about the diameter of a
50 cent coin, if given enough food and calcium (in the water column).

I have dozens in my planted tanks, and when my little nieces and nephews
come over, they almost always lose interest in the fish, in favor of the
snails. Highly recommended!
Augustine Rodriguez
Rice Lake, WI USA

> Please recommend a type of snail to place in my planted tank to eat algae.
> I put in two "mystery snails" and my plants were eaten to bits by them.