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Re: phosphates off the scale

my tap water tests ok for phosphates. i feed the fish "dried worms". i'm
thinking maybe there are dead fish in the gravel. i did use ph down
initially and then read that it has phosphates so i stopped. i have done at
least a half dozen water changes since then w/ no effect on the phosphates
levels. the tank is at my office so i can't run tests till monday... thanks
for the response.
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> Ken Shaffer wrote:
> > i converted an old 90 gal. salt water aquarium into a fresh water
> > plant tank and have had nothing but problems.....
> > phosphates are off the chart!!
> Don't panic just yet. It is just a matter of finding where the
> phosphates are coming in from. Have you tested your water supply? If it
> is not coming in from your water, then it is coming in from something
> you are putting into the tank. Are you using any pH adjusters other than
> CO2? Often times products sold with the intent of lowering pH are really
> just dilute phosporic acid, and this can make your balances go way out
> of wack. Also, any pH adjusters also throw out the pH/kH chart for
> calculating how much CO2 is in the water.
> I have also found that some flake foods contain phosphates. I think, but
> no evidence to back this up, that the phosphates are added to foods with
> the intention of increasing fish colour. Examine everything that goes
> into the tank. It has to be there somewhere.
> Can you give us more exact parameters of your water? kH, gH, pH,
> lighting, CO2, nitrates, phosphates, etc. Also any routines you are
> doing for maintaining your tank. The more info you can provide, the
> better.
> Ed Dumas
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> text on the APD.