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Re: phosphates off the scale

Ken Shaffer wrote:

> i converted an old 90 gal. salt water aquarium into a fresh water
> plant tank and have had nothing but problems.....
> phosphates are off the chart!!

Don't panic just yet. It is just a matter of finding where the
phosphates are coming in from. Have you tested your water supply? If it
is not coming in from your water, then it is coming in from something
you are putting into the tank. Are you using any pH adjusters other than
CO2? Often times products sold with the intent of lowering pH are really
just dilute phosporic acid, and this can make your balances go way out
of wack. Also, any pH adjusters also throw out the pH/kH chart for
calculating how much CO2 is in the water.

I have also found that some flake foods contain phosphates. I think, but
no evidence to back this up, that the phosphates are added to foods with
the intention of increasing fish colour. Examine everything that goes
into the tank. It has to be there somewhere.

Can you give us more exact parameters of your water? kH, gH, pH,
lighting, CO2, nitrates, phosphates, etc. Also any routines you are
doing for maintaining your tank. The more info you can provide, the

Ed Dumas

P.S. Check the word wrap on your messenger. It didn't seem to wrap your
text on the APD.