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Re: lighting

 > Date: Sat, 27 Apr 2002 16:21:38 +0530 From: "Madan Subramanian" 
<madans at satyam_net.in>
 >  Subject: Re: lighting
 >> Dupla can insist all they wish:-) Doesn't mean they are correct. That was
 >>  what? 1985? Things change. Lighting changes. PC's can easily go down
 >>  to 36inches of depth. Amano seems to do it without PC's on all those
 >>  tanks of his.
 > Well Tom compared to what you guys have readily available in USA, Europe and
 >  Japan, the rest of the world is practically in the dark ages as regards
 >  to lighting because it is not easily available and when it is available
 >  it is foully expensive.

Many folks here in the US feel exactly the same way. Sometimes it is because 
they do
not know where (or how) to look.

 > I for one had to specially order and get imported reflectors for my metal
halides and then have some one build the body out of sheet metal to fit the
 > MH bulb holder and reflector. Couldn't fit the ballast into the fixture
 > so the ballast is remote. So Dupla's  insistence is still very valid
 > for a lot of people on the list [:-)] .
 > PCs for aquariums, VHO - eh, what is that ? - is the reply I mouth even 
 >  I hear it when I go looking for lighting, add Kelvin Temperature, CRI and
 >  people think I am out to zap them.

The same thing happens when we go to the big chainstore outlets here.
Lighting is a total mystery to the clerks, and many will give misinformation
if they don't have real answers.

OTOH, I think AH Supply can ship internationally, and it is hard to beat 
their mix
of CF and reflector designs, at any price. Theirs are quite low.

 > Amano's bulbs and fixtures - Forget it. I don't think anyone on this list 
has Amano's lighting and fixtures. Well may be a few let's take a poll that
 > will be interesting.
 > All those on this list who use any of Amano's equipment please post what
 > equipment you use - that broadens the poll.
 > PMDD, Substrate fertilisation, CO2 etc., etc., can somehow be managed, but
 > to get the aquarium looking pleasant one needs lighting and that is the
 > stumbling block for many of us.

Amano is reported to use a lot of "Cool White" fluorescents, for the 
appearance they give.
Most folks here opt for a better compromise with growth, so tend to mix 
phosphors or go for
lower-lumen broad-band sources that are less green but look less bright.

 > Madan Subramanian
 > Bangalore, India.

You need to contact the distributors that deal with big stores, hotels, 
etc., and get away from the retail outlets for lighting sources and 
information. Here we have Grainger as well as major lighting distributors in 
major urban areas. The LFS and Home Depot are nearly worthless, unless you 
know what you want and they just happen to have it. I would imagine that the 
situation is similar in India. We may have more meat counters (the primary 
excuse for making Chroma 50s) but the specialty bulbs and tubes for 
commercial lighting just usually are not available at the local dry-goods 
store. [The local grocer sure knows where to get them, though.]

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