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Re: Lighting

> You can do a lot
> of things by overdriving regular fluorescent lamps
> with electronic
> ballasts to get higher light levels. 
never heard this one before, but you have certainly
peaked my curiosity!  Please do elaborate!  What
exactly does this mean (for the techies out there, is
this similar to overclocking a processor? {I've had
great success with that :-)
I am assuming that you deliver more "juice" to the
bulb than its "rated" for [using a different ballast].
 I would also assume that this shortens the life of
the bulb (but for standard 4' bulbs, that would be
well worth it since they are cheaper and need to be
replaced regularly regardless).  How much more light
can you squeeze out of them? which lights do you get
the most improvement on?

Do people on the list do this? (in the U.S.? or
elsewhere?)  Please share your experiences and methods
for the inquiring minds out there.  Feel free to point
to a web-site :-]

grateful as always...

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