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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V5 #56

K9AUB wrote:
> How very weird.  I've had a PC since 1984, and have yet to have my first worm
> infection, or virus infection for that matter.  Norton's or McAffee's stops
> them before they get a chance to start.

I found an easier way -- don't use Microsoft Outlook, Word, or IIS.
There. Done. I can look at all the Melissa's, Klez's, etc. coming into
my mailbox AND click on them to see what they say without worrying. I've
never had a virus infection, nor do I use anti-virus software on a
regular basis. No firewalls either. People are paranoid. So far I have
suffered no ill effects. Been almost 7 years connected to the Internet
(5 of those will a full time connection) and haven't seen anything yet.

Jerry Baker