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Re: Majordomo infected

>> I have a Mac, too, which just keeps running happily while my colleague's 
PCs >> get trashed by one worm after another.

How very weird.  I've had a PC since 1984, and have yet to have my first worm 
infection, or virus infection for that matter.  Norton's or McAffee's stops 
them before they get a chance to start.  Perhaps you Mac guys blindly 
download all files sent to you and open them without thinking?  If you'd 
learn from the PC guys not to do that, and to practice "safe computing," 
perhaps you wouldn't be troubled by so many worms.  (Yes, Macs get viruses, 
too.  Don't try to say they don't.)
As for the Majordomo-routed viruses, there were two of them that showed up in 
email here.  They were very easy to spot, and caused no problems for me since 
I didn't download either one of them.  These things are easy to deal with, 
and easy to avoid.  Too bad you own a Mac, or you'd know these things.  
[evil, evil laughter]

Sorry, couldn't resist.  You were begging for it, you know.