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Phone Card, Naked Bidding, Mermaids

Well Don, I just checked and it will cost about $80 to ship me by UPS 
ground to Watsonville CA (random city). Second day air is $190 and 
next day is about $300. That's not including the water I'll need to 
stay alive. I included insurance of $300. I think I would probably 
appraise at $300. LOL, did I mention that I'm 63?  Just kidding.

The 1000 minute phone card will be given to one random high bidder in 
the auctions currently listed on AquaBid. That includes Mark's domain 
name auction. There's just one card, but the chances of getting it 
aren't too bad. Dave Gomberg just posted a list of the auctions. 
Those are the ones I'll select a winner from. I'm limiting this to 
those auctions only for now. I'll think about giving away another 
phone card next time around.