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Naked Auction Bidding - Win This!

I'm going to select a random high bidder from among the winners of 
these auctions and send that person a 1000 minute long distance 
calling card. I just have one of these. That's one thousand minutes! 
Use it to call someone and complain, call your sister, I don't care. 
Retail value: priceless.

I'm glad my bizarre sense of humor hasn't apparently offended anyone. 
It dawned on me that this might not cross cultural lines very well.

Shireen's onto something with her idea of bidding against herself. I 
did that once on eBay and felt like a real shmuck when I realized 
that's what I had done. Anyway, bidding against yourself in this 
situation is a great way to help the fund.

You can find these auctions by using the "advanced" search feature 
near the top of the screen on Aquabid. Just select "advanced search", 
then "User". Enter my username: joann

Clothing optional. Can't you just hear the lyrics of the song "The 
Streak" just about now? What a tension reliever!


(lol, please refrain from sending video or photos that portray nude 
bidding. I might have a heart attack.)