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Re Didiplis diandra


Yes, thanks for that. I will try to prune it more regularly in future to see 
if I can get it to develop into a low 'hedge'. Do you prune it and leave the 
stems in place or remove the old stems and replant the trimmings?
In contrast to your experience I have always found this plant to be one of 
the first to stop growing if I let my fertilisation regeime slip or if I 
don't replace empty CO2 cannisters promptly. It also languishes if it gets 
overcrowded by other stem plants. Unlike other stem plants it doesn't loose 
it's leaves; the stems just become thin and eventually rot at the base.

Regards, Roy Wadey.

This is one of my favorites.  In my experience (20" deep tank with 3 wpg) it
does better with CO2 and fertilizer, but I can get it to grow without either
(just not as fast).  I've never let it grow tall long enough to see how tall
it would get, but at least 18" (at which point I always trimmed it down to
eight and replanted).  I think that is about 45cm.  One thing the literature
says that I have some reservation about is the recommendation not to crowd.
If it gets very tall, then don't, but when it is short (say under 18cm) I've
never noticed any trouble at all...which is why I always trim it back to 
size, so that I can maintain a nice thick stand of it.

I hope this is of some help,

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