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Re: Lexicon, anyone?

> I figured out LFS easily enough, but YMMV still 
> has me stumped.  "Your M??? May Vary" - is
> the best I can do.

Really good guess... "Your mileage may vary".

I don't think there's a single spot, since we
have a mix of terms from general internet usage
(like YMMV) and things specific to plants (PMDD)
and things specific to aquaria (LFS) and things
that I make up because I want to look smart

The general internet ones are easier:  There
are a couple nice sites like
that should help, but I think you're pretty
much in trouble with the plant/aquaria terms
because they are all over the place...  You
mentioned LFS which is pretty common, but then
it wanders into UGF and RUGF (under-gravel
filter and reverse-under-gravel-filter) and a
zillion others that you'll find in references
all over
.  You've probably noticed many of the plants
and fish species have their own terms, as do
methodologies, as do technologies, as do the
various sciences (chemistry, biology, soils,

For example, just check out water hardness
by George Slusarczuk at:

One excerpt:

> The abbreviation "dH" stands for "deutsche Haerte"
> (German hardness) and "DH" for "Degrees of Hardness"
> -(American hardness). Britain used "degrees Clark"
> and so on. These "degrees" were based on different
> chemical reactions and different reference volumes,
> so are not readily interconvertible, but there are
> tables to help in that task.

...and, that's *before* he talks about pH, KH, TH,
GH, EDTA, etc.

I think he made those other ones up, but I didn't
want to challenge him on that in public.


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