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Re:Spray bars

Charles Kuehnl at ckuehnl at mmcable_com wrote:

>> I don't know of any hole size formulas, but basically you'll want to make the
>> total hole size of your spray bar (area of all the holes added together) at
>> least the size of your return pipe's opening area.
> I am not sure it works this way.

Yeah, it doesn't account for all the physics, but it should be close enough
for an aquarium spray bar.

> I probably should look this up or call my college roommate (a design ME)
> before saying anything.  If no one else posts and anyone really wants to know
> I would be glad to check.

Inquiring minds want to know. Call the roommate. :)

> Dan, I do not see where you got 1.25 from 11/4ths.
> 11/4" = 2.75"

Yeah I noticed that after I posted. I think my brain inserted a hyphen in
there and took it as 1-1/4 inches at the time.

Dan Dixon