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Lexicon, anyone ?

I wonder if anyone else feels like I do about the constant use of
abbreviations:  great time savers, but there are some I just can't figure
out.  How would the list feel about publishing a glossary somewhere?  Of
course, I know some are not aquarium specific, but are found throughout the
internet on bulletin boards/chat rooms/mailing lists (like IMHO).

For example, I know what PMDD stands for, but others may not.  I figured out
LFS easily enough, but YMMV still has me stumped.  "Your M??? May Vary" - is
the best I can do.  Anyway, it's not that I'm looking for specific answers
here, but if there are enough lurkers or newbies who are confused but can't
bring themselves to ask, would it be helpful for a repository to be created
somewhere?  One that can be added to and updated...  Is there already one
that I have missed?

Well, I might be the only ignorant one - in which case never mind... but my
guess is I'm not.  Thanks (TIA).