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Re: Another Sump Question

Hey gang,

Matt W. asked about the using army men in his sump in
his last post, and IMO, that is one of the neatest
ideas I've heard in a long time! They're cheap, and
available, easy to clean, and would probably work
*almost* as well as bio-balls anyway. Plus, it would
be a neat conversation piece;) 

You could setup the gray guys (and girls) on one side
and the green on the other and have the guy with the
bazooka on top.....He was my favorite.

Let us know how that works out!

As for the main part of your question, the wet/dry
filter is the whole setup. The sump is just the
container for the media, heater, etc. So the sump is
where most of the filter action takes place in a
wet/dry filter.....Make sense? 

John Wheeler

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