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Didiplis diandra

I am interested to know what experience all you American aquatic plant 
enthusiasts have had with your native plant Didiplis diandra (water hedge).
All the references I have ever read suggest that this plant rarely exceeds 
20cm in height, only Tropica suggest that it may reach 35cm. However, in my 
40 cm deep aquarium, although it seems healthy enough, after trimming this 
plant rapidly grows to top and spreads across the surface. Are there 
different varieties of this plant or is it something to do with the growth 
This aquarium is moderately lit overall (2.5 watts per gallon) but the 
lighting is skewed to the left hand side where the Didiplis is planted 
giving approximately 3.75 watts per gallon here. I am using a pressurised 
CO2 system and fertilising with potassium sulphate, Iron and traces. The KH 
is 4 and GH 8. Water temperature 26 degrees celcius.
Any growing tips would be appreciated,
Thanks in advance,
Roy Wadey.

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