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Re: CO2 tips (canister filters)

Hi, Just a comment in response to the tip on putting CO2 hose into 
the intake of a canister.  I did that with a Fluval 403 and Fluval 303. 
 With the 403 the suction was so strong the CO2 mixture was 
sucked in through the air hose (might have been prevented with a 
valve, but I'm lazy) and with both of them there was an annoying 
level of noise of the CO2 bubbles bouncing around in the canisters. 
 Instead, I took the rigid tube of an old siphon and hooked it up to 
the outflow tube from the 303 and hung it down in the back of the 
tank and let the bubbles dissolve into the downflowing water.  I hide 
the tube behind a large Ech. harmanni sword.  Ray