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Re: Exploding glass, unven floors, 90 gallons

A 90gal is about as heavy as most folks can safely go
on a wooden joisted main floor(of course there are
always exceptions,depending on era,local code,etc)...I
would have loved to have gone for the 48"x24"
125gal,as opposed to the 48"x18"90 gallon I "settled"
for....but I was too scared of my tank ending up in
the suite below mine :)
  So,my solution to a tank that is PUSHING the
ENVELOPE,was to weld up a metal stand that has a full
perimeter top and bottom.This helps distribute the
load over a greater area,lessening the chance of a
downstairs neighbour becoming a reluctant aquarist.
  Ross Pyle of the Auscat(Australian Cat & Loach
Forum) posted an isometric I sent him of the stand.You
can view it @ the URL below,and feel free to
plagiarise the design <g> 


James(Western Canada)

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