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Re: spray bar

Dan wrote:
> You can make them all the same size. Hydraulic pressure will force more or
> less the same volume through all the holes. Same way a garden sprinkler hose
> works. With air it's a different matter, since air is more compressible, but
> water behaves hydraulically.

You would think, but my experience has been different. I drilled a 12"
long pipe with 1/4" holes at 3" intervals and the water just comes out
of the end holes (opposite the input). It does slightly trickle out of
the first holes, but barely. I have wanted a formula for figuring out
how many holes of what size, etc. I had already experimented with your
equal area assumption and it seems to work ok as does going over a
little. I just want to know how "over" I can go before I see the
phenomena I saw with the first spray bar.

BTW - drilling holes in a straight line on a round pipe is a PITA. I
finally had to make a jig and use the drill press.

Jerry Baker