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Make life easy, small tank CO2 tips


Make life easy, not difficult

No fancy business--

Here's what's working in my 29g.

Just poke alittle hole in your inlet guard on your
canister, send the DIY co2 hose from the jug into the
inlet and voila!

Let your inlet hose act as a handy dandy bubble

Let your impeller in your canister break up the
bubbles, then mix them, then spit them out in a fine

Emerse your jug of co2 in a bucket filled with water
and a spare heater that is on the same timer as your
lights.  Get that water nice and warm. It will make
alot of bubbles during the day and will "sleep" at

**Note**  Make sure to check the water level in the
bucket; dont forget about it.

**Tip**  Use an old Seachem bottle (the one's with the
nice dropper) and fill it with a couple teaspoons of
baking powder and brewers calcium carbonate.  Fill it
with water and shake it up baby.
Keep it in the fridge next to your ferts. Now you can
always do daily small measured doses of highly
dissovable Gh and KH.  I know I need to with the CO2
unregulated the way I do it.

Hope this helps


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