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Re: Exploding glass, unven floors, 90 gallons

Robert Ricketts <rtricketts at erols_com> wrote:

>But glass tanks are supported by their plastic rims, not by
>the glass.  This is all the support they are designed to

I've seen this topic beaten to death on usenet groups. Lots
of arguments and counter arguments, but to me it seems that
all boils down to a misunderstanding: rim-supported tanks are
basically only found in the US. Maybe there are some exceptions,
but most tanks of European and Asian origin do not use a rim
to support the bottom, but rely on the entire bottom glass pane
to be in contact with a flat supporting surface. I've seen several 
of these, I myself own one. In THIS case, adding a layer of pliable 
material in between the glass and the supporting surface is a good 

This list has a lot of subscribers outside the US. Before engaging 
on the same over beaten argument, it would be wise to first ask whoever 
started the discussion, exactly HOW his/hers tank is built.

- Ivo Busko
  Baltimore, MD

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