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No joke

Someone asked:
> I've always wondered how Amano (and now you Tom) gets the surface
> to move when there are no pumps.
> A good example of this is Amanos totally clean tank in "Nature
> Aquarium
> World book one", page 154-155, which has a very active surface.
> How do you do it? Whats the magic? =)

I said:
>> Hairdryer.
>> Regards,
>> Tom Barr
> A master aquatic gardener *and* comedian!  :-)

I'm not joking.
The tank itself is not hard to duplicate if you changed some plants around.
Most are easy to grow. If you had good quality plants from the start from a
hobbyist's tank, you can set up a very similar tank in a week.  Must be 12
or so Riccia rocks. Getting around to tying those up before the Riccia rots
floating in the trim bucket is the hardest part for me.
I am going to stop screwing with things for a few weeks and try to put
together some decent looking tanks so hopefully I get off my duff.
Tom Barr