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Re: CO2

It's not such an issue.
The balls happen to fit whatever sized tubing I choose to work with. I can
pick any size tubing. If you add a larger pump, say a rio 800, that reactor
will easily handle a much larger tank. The space is enough to hang on to a
fair amount of gas before it returns. I have another one that's larger 2.5 x
12 and that's good for a 200 gallon tank or so. Again a larger pump will
make it more responsive but the short coming is in a weak pump, not the size
of the chamber nearly as much.
Folks want a small pump inside the tank, a bigger pump is larger, cost more
etc. I am including the pump in the price. No one else did that.

I can build the thing out of PVC easy and cheap but it'll look ugly. The
sump models can easily be done that way. I may make cheapy uglies for folks
or put a DIY plan for the PVC sump design. It'll work without being able to
view the chamber etc. I sent a plan to Erik at the Krib but he's a busy
Tom Barr 
> My question for you is this. Did you keep your reactor one bio-ball
> narrow because it is more efficient that way, or was it primarily to
> save space? Space for me is not really an issue, and I was going to make
> mine wider with more bio-balls. Should I re-think this based on water
> flow forced over the bio-balls because of the narrow-ness of the tube,
> or is this whole issue a total red herring? (sorry for the pun!)
> Ed Dumas