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Re: PMDD source

I also had an interesting run-in with the company who makes Wilson's Stump
Remover (Canadian company). It did state that it contained KNO3 but no other
ingredients nor a percentage of KNO3. So I e-mailed them for some info . . .

their response -- "Thank you for your interest in our product Wilson Stump
Remover.  The
product contains 89% Potassium Nitrate, but unfortunately we do not normally
divulge the other ingredients.  Please advise why you need to know what else
is in the product."

I let them know why I needed to know -- SO I DON'T KILL MY FISH. And I also
questioned why they wouldn't divulge that other information. I have yet to
receive a reply. I'm not surprised -- seems shady to me though. Proprietary
it may be . . . but there must be something in these chemicals that Joe Q.
Public should not know????

On the other hand I decided to bite the bullet and have been using it -- my
fish and plants seem to be OK and my BGA is slowly getting under control.

Anyway, my 2 bits
Alberta, Canada