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Re: DIY heater cables transformer source

>I have DIY substrate heater cables in my 75.  I am starting another tank and
>wanted to do them in this smaller tank.  I found out from my model train nut
>neighbor that toy train transformers are 12-volt and have primary and
>secondary windings.  I am going to try this on the new tank.  I am intrigued
>that may be able to vary the output with the speed regulator!!

If you use a model train transformer, I suggest leaving it running for
several hours *while you are present* and make sure it doesn't overheat. I
would guess most of the toy transformers aren't designed for
continuous-duty use and might require cooling cycles between periods of
operation. Best to be on the safe side. Also, make sure it is rated for the
current you will be drawing -- cable heaters can draw a LOT of power.

For inexpensive transformers, you can get up to a 24v 10 amp for about $18
from http://www.mpja.com. They stock the transformers, so availability
shouldn't be a problem.


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