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Re: Safe Solder

Some are supposing lead-freee solder is safer than leaded solder. 
Leaded solder is an alloy of lead and tin -- the proportions determine
the specific melting point.  Lead-free solder used in housing contains
in place of lead, silver or copper or antimony.  

These chemicals are used because they provide a useable alternative to
leaded solder in terms of melting point flow properties, and strength
and are generally thought to be safER than lead.

Silver reacts easily to form silver sulfide -- that's why you have to
polish the silver again and again.  I'd expect that to happen quickly
in an aquarium . . . would that be a bad thing?

Some lead free solders contain selenium, bismuth, or other chemicals to
improve "flow" when melted, shear strength, peel strength, and other
properties.  I don't think these are used for potable systems -- at
least not in accordance with building codes.

Scott H.

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