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Re: Exploding glass, unven floors, 90 gallons

BC quote Bill Wichers and I doubting the value of foam under tanks as a
sturctural support element.  And in response said:

> I was refering to inserting a piece of foam or cork which will cover
> the
> entire bottom of the tank.

If you mean supporting the weight of tank's bottom glass from below and
not just at the rim, hmmmm, why would you want to do that when the rim
will hold the tank?  I would think it better to rest the weight at the
rim where the veritcal panels lend rigidity.  I'm no engineer, though. 
I'll defer to some hard data on weights and structures.  Maybe I can
get one of the bridge engineers at my agency to give this some thought.

> This way the pressure will be distributed
> evenly over the entire bottom.  The foam will be compressed to
> comform to
> the uneven surface.  Without the foam, if there is a bump on the
> surface
> which the tank sit on, tremendous pressure & stress can be
> concentrated on
> that bump. 

Speaking for myself and not Bill, I agree about the bumps but not that
foam will help.  Maybe a very small "corn," but those should be
removed, imo, rather than foamed over.  It won't do enough of what you
want, it won't distribute enough weight, it won't provide enough
pressure between the tank and the stand to "eliminate" or fill a gap.

Scott H.

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