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Re: Weeds in the tank

> Tom, would you be so kind as to identify the plants you have in the tank?  I
> recognize the dwarf lobelias, but am unsure of the others.

A weed list?

Laragosiphon madagascarensis (Amano's weed)
Dwarf har grass(E parvulus)
Ludwigia  arcuata
Crypt aponogetiifolia(babies)
Regular Riccia
Utricularia gibbia (can't get rid of it)
Dwarf Lobelia.

I'm going to add some fish for next week. Hopefully the Lagorsiphon will
grow up nicely. It's a funny plant to have planted and looking nice in this
tank. I could use easier plants for that and still might switch things
around with different plants every week to see what looks better.
At lower light(2 watts a gallon or in shaded tanks this plants grows more
like Amano's tanks.

The wood was the what I was really looking for. I played with Rocks for a
time. I still may take a number of photos with the rocks in there also or a
different piece of wood.
I'll have 3-4 more tanks coming up shortly(next few weeks) then I'm going to
sell off all the plants and break the tanks down over the summer.
> Is the lumpy (no perjorative connotations intended) looking ground cover
> sinking-riccia?  The pearls look like flowers on the computer screen!

How dare you libel my Riccia in that manner!
Over pearling can cause problems at lower resolutions. A lurker has cleaned
this pic up and made the surface layer look much better.

Tom Barr