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Re: Exploding glass, unven floors, 90 gallons

"> I'm not a big fan of the  foam-under-tank method of evening the base,
since it isn't all that difficult to make a wooden stand properly -- and the
wood will work better. I just don't think the force a piece of foam can
generate on a gap will result in enough additional support to have any real

"Good Call.  While foam is a good gap filler visually, how many hundreds
of pounds can you expect it to resist?  You would be better off with
solid shims than foam for small gaps, if you have to have them."

A 90 gallon tank (48Lx18Wx24H) will weigh about 900 pounds. All weight is
transferred to the edge frame, and equates to about 7 pounds per lineal inch
around the edge. So a two inch gap is only transferring an additional 7
pounds to both sides of the gap.  I use a piece of 1/4" foamcore under my 90
gallon and there are small gaps in several places. The foam takes it and
distributes the weight, or crushes until it does. Get the frame immediately
under the tank level, and the foam will perform just fine. If the overall
stand isn't level, expecially front to back, then the real risk is that it
will tip over.