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Re: Exploding glass, unven floors, 90 gallons -- What? Me Worry?

I just don't
> think
> the force a piece of foam can generate on a gap will result in enough
* additional support to have any real benefit.

If the foam compresses to say, 5 psi, which I think, is pretty safe to say
it can the in my 75-gallon which is 48x18 then you have 864 square inches
which would work out to 4320 pounds of support.  The trick is to use a thick
enough piece of foam.  100% compression, using a 1-inch piece of foam to
fill a half-inch gap should compress to at least 5 psi.  Even if it only
compressed to 2-psi that is still more than 1600 pounds, which is a lot,
considering the tank weighs 850 full according to all-glass. This being said
on my current setup I don't have foam under it but I wish I did mostly for
insulating purposes.