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Re: PMDD source

> I bought a can of stump remover, I think it was called "Stump-Out",
> When I asked "Can you just tell me if it's Potassium Nitrate?", she
> "Is this for a fish tank?"  I said, "Well, actually more of a plant
> but yes, basically." She pleaded with me then, "Please, please don't
> that into your tank.  It will kill all your fish."

I don't know why something so basic would be proprietary....

Anyhow, Ivo Busko recommended a product to me called
Stump Remover. Manufacturer is Dragon. I checked their
website, and they very clearly named the chemical:
Potassium Nitrate. If you can get the Dragon product, it's safe
to use.

> I noticed the book I had been
> reading on the seat next to me: "Making The Atomic Bomb".

Oh dear ... I hope someone doesn't tip off the FBI about
this list.  Oh the other hand, it could be fun if they launched
a full-scale investigation only to find out that a bunch of
harmless aquatic gardeners were using these chemicals for,
guess what? Fertilizer.  :-)


Shireen Gonzaga
whimbrel at comcast_net