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Sump Question

I am slowly upgrading my current 55 gallon planted tank with a whisper 5 to
a 90 gallon with built in overflow. I am going slow because it will be a
different type of setup and also bigger so I have to do some shopping first
and that requires money, since it dosen't grow on any plant in my tank this
may take some time.  Here's my quandry, I am running c02 (presurized) into
the tank now with a gravel vac and a rio pump I know everyone says the sump
is the place to hide all of your equipment well do you think i should hide
this down there also or would that require to much water in the sump and the
co2 would be lost on the way back up to the tank from the sump, also is
there any equations on how big of a sump I will need.  I hope to have a
large fish load and a even larger plant load so I would like filtration that
will be addiquite for both without haveing to sacrifice any lives(plant of

Matt W.

sorry so wildand hard to read:)