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Re: Siporex and clogging

James Purchase, who is not alone in this, recommended for the added
filtration of planted, properly (?) stocked tanks:

> Open cell foam ought to offer more than enough area and can be
> rinsed
> repeatedly to remove particulate and replaced when needed without
> taxing
> anyone's budget. Save the bucks for really fancy gadgets......or
> really good
> books....

Well I have the book part down.  ;-)

Are (some) folks suggsting that, in a sump setup, if some biofiltering
was needed due to fish load, instead of bioballs, foam would be a good
substitute?  Or that a Penquin powerhead with a RUGF sponge (sans the
RUGF, of course) would be a good biofilter substitute for a sump with

Scott H.

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