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PMDD source

Something posted recently reminded me of an experience I had when I was
setting up.  I was pulling my hair out trying to find a source for PMDD.  I
bought a can of stump remover, I think it was called "Stump-Out", from Home
Depot, but nowhere on the label did it say "Potassium Nitrate".
Suspiciously, it listed no ingredients at all.  So I called the company.  I
asked what was in it and the lady said, "I'm sorry - that's proprietary".
When I asked "Can you just tell me if it's Potassium Nitrate?", she replied
"Is this for a fish tank?"  I said, "Well, actually more of a plant tank,
but yes, basically." She pleaded with me then, "Please, please don't put
that into your tank.  It will kill all your fish."  So everyone, be careful
just buying stump remover without knowing what's in it.

I, too, like someone else alluded, often got dirty looks and cold shoulders
shopping around for chemicals like Potassium Nitrate.  I guess people are
more wary these days and I should expect it.  One time, I got in my car
after being rudely rebuffed by a pharmacist, I noticed the book I had been
reading on the seat next to me: "Making The Atomic Bomb".  I had to laugh -
of course it's NOT a how-to book, but a Pulitzer prize winning historical
account of the Manhattan Project.  It's a good thing I didn't have it tucked
under my arm when I was in the pharmacy, they would have hauled me away.

The good news is I eventually found a Canadian place that mailed me the
chemicals I needed (I'm in lower Michigan).  They know what PMDD is and even
send instruction sheets.  It's called "Homegrown Hydroponics".  Contact me
off list if you want to know more about them.