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Re: Exploding glass, unven floors, 90 gallons

Scott H.:
"> I'm not a big fan of the
> foam-under-tank
> method of evening the base, since it isn't all that difficult to make
> a
> wooden stand properly -- and the wood will work better. I just don't
> think
> the force a piece of foam can generate on a gap will result in enough
> additional support to have any real benefit.

Good Call.  While foam is a good gap filler visually, how many hundreds
of pounds can you expect it to resist?  You would be better off with
solid shims than foam for small gaps, if you have to have them. "

I was refering to inserting a piece of foam or cork which will cover the
entire bottom of the tank.  This way the pressure will be distributed
evenly over the entire bottom.  The foam will be compressed to comform to
the uneven surface.  Without the foam, if there is a bump on the surface
which the tank sit on, tremendous pressure & stress can be concentrated on
that bump.  BTW, I am also refering to cabinets or stands with a solid top
and not the metal frame stands.  Personally, I do not like the frame
strands because the weight of the tank is only supported by a very small
area... mayde 10~20 gal is ok... I wouldn't place a 100 gal on this type of