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Shoestring sag and pond lilies

I am getting some Sag from a Florida grower who says he imported this from
Europe, and it is a special hybrid, "Shoe-string Sag" Has anyone ever heard
of this plant before? Taller than dwarf Sag, but not as tall as the larger
Sag sp.

And for those Pond people on the list... I have two hardy lilies in full
bloom or budded: Georgia peach, large blossoms with a soft peach color, pads
are 6" to 8" across: and Sioux variable, blossoms change color as the plant
grows and matures. Grows to be about the same size as the Georgia peach.
Hardy lilies are ones that can grow in cooler temps during the spring and
fall as well as the hot summer.

I am new to this pond thing...so anyone with knowledge of these hybrids
please contact me.

Robert Paul Hudson