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trade free or donation plants MUST GO!!

Major remodeling, must go immediately.  Must hear from you ASAP!

What I'd like:

Trade for following plants

Crypt Balinese
Alernanthera Reinecki
Any red plant or long crypt
Anything interesting
Rams horn snails


Donation to defense fund in any amount


Free to the impoverished or to educational institutions (same as

Trades free shipping others pay priority mail

I have

TONS of Hornwort AKA Ceratophyllum demersum

TONS of Egeria Densa AKA waterweed, AKA Anachris
http://www.tropica.com/productcard.asp?id=058 Great nutrient sink!

Some Hemianthus Micranthemoides

1 Nice banana plant Good root structure

A little bit of Marselia Creneta 'four leaf clover'

Perhaps some other stuff.  Foxtail, bacopa etc.  Not a lot but a couple
starter cultures