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Re: bio filtration

Hey gang,

I'm still not convinced that in a "planted tank" that
a whole lot of fancy bio filtration is necessary. I
know we've been over this, and I assure you, that I'm
not looking for an argument. I do, however, have some
thoughts that some may be interested in:

1. What could be better, for our purposes, than Open
Celled Foam? Lots of time for water->surface contact.
Totally reusable, and cheap. Plenty of surface area
for our needs. Easy to use and find, and when your
through with it in your filter, you can use it to wash
your dishes;)....just kidding

Similarly, plastic dish scrubbies are also great. They
are denser than OCF, but still very porous and you can
buy several square feet for less than $10. Probably
less than $5 at a dollar store.

2. Easter grass (the plastic kind). Works like a charm
and is DIRT cheap. Tons of surface area and is
packable in a canister, and distributes nicely in a
wet/dry situation. You could probably buy bags of it
for 20 or 30 cents at your local dollar store right
now. And, if you're inclined to be really cheap, you
could rinse and reuse.

I learned this one from a reef guy. I also learned
that you can pack it for different uses. IE: tightly
for more mechanical filtration, and looser to keep the
media flow-through good for better bio-action.

Never tried lava, but that sounds good, too. Another
poster had mentioned that one. I'll have to put that
on my "to-do" list.

For us, I think, this is another place where we could
"cut corners" safely. IMO, bio balls and Siporax
(WOW!...expensive), and those "tall claim" biomedias
are for other aspects of the hobby...YMMV, etc, etc. 

John Wheeler

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